Post Emmy Triumph, Next Jorge Garcia Sighting Expected on “Mr Sunshine”

"Lost" star Jorge Garcia is coming to the surface again, this time as the as guest star in Matthew Perry's midseason comedy "Mr. Sunshine."

Another "Lost" alum in a new, albeit temporary home, according to

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen Garcia, who has been hanging out in Hawaii since "Lost" finally went off the air (do you blame him for catching a little downtime in Hawaii?).

Garcia was one of the fantastic cameo appearances in the over-the-top Emmy "Born to Run" glee club special that kicked off this year's show in truly memorable style. He wordlessly joined Jon Hamm in the dancing group as they marched down the hallway towards the stage, making you wonder if it was really him for a moment.

But he's a hard guy not to recognize. 

it was a classic way to re-emerge post- "Lost" as Garcia was last seen dancing alongside Kate Gosselin on the Emmy stage when the number climaxed.

On "Sunshine," Garcia will play a staffer at a second-rate San Diego sports arena managed by Matthew Perry's character, according to the report. How did he get the gig? More than a lover of fine dancing, Perry is also a big fan of "Lost."


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