Oscars Fashion: Best Leading Actress Nominees

A few thoughts on the red carpet picks of this year's leading ladies.


SANDRA BULLOCK: A lady that constantly looks the part, Sandra Bullock is a classic beauty with matching tastes. While she's been playing with color and simple styles lately, we're hoping she'll go more formal in response to this year's nomination. This one-shouldered Versace gown would look gorgeous on her lithe figure, while the simple architecture and classic back drape add traditional style and interest.

HELEN MIRREN: Always the classy one, Helen Mirren spends a lot of time in neutrals, probably because she looks radiant doing so. This year, we're hoping she'll try on a surprising shade of crimson, just like the one shown on this David Meister Grecian gown. The statuesque drape would carry on her traditional elegance, while the brighter shade would help to highlight her lovely fair features.

CAREY MULLIGAN: Still relatively new to the scene but gradually making her mark, Cary Mulligan has typically exhibited a buttoned-up, charm that only makes her more alluring. We'd love to see her keep with that theme while showing a little more skin, both of which are easily accomplished in this Alexander McQueen black lace insert gown. We especially hope she pairs it with the blue satin peep-toe pumps, as suggested.

GABOUREY SIDIBE: After being cast for the movie "Precious" practically buy chance, it's hard to imagine how excited Gabourey Sidibe is about her Oscar nomination. She's still catching her fashion stride, but we hope she opts for an elegant yet colorful choice like this off-shoulder Modena Gown from Igigi.

MERYL STREEP: Though Meryl Streep is nominated for her role in Julie & Julia, we hope to see her rocking something edgy and confident a la her "Devil Wears Prada" days. This Herve Leger black watercolor beaded bandage gown just might do the trick. It maintains the class and composure we know and love of Ms. Streep, while the geometric pattern keeps it modern and fresh.

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