One Less Contract “Situation” for “Jersey Shore”

Maybe The Situation has the brains to go along with the brawn.

The six-packed "Jersey Shore" cast member signed a contract for the third season of MTV's hit reality show, perhaps signaling the end to a contract impasse that threatened to stall the show's production, according to E!

The Hollywood Reporter indicated that new deals for the remaining stars were imminent. Each cast member received $5,000 per episode during the first season and $10,000 for the second. They were asking for $30,000 per episode for the third season.

MTV would not confirm any rumors. "We don't comment on any contractual conversations," the network said in a statement. "Season 2 premieres July 29 and production is on schedule."

Michael Petolino, the manager for The Situation, a.k.a. Mike Sorrentino, released a statement on the new deal.

"Mike is confident the rest of the cast will rally around him as they have done in the past. The Situation has always been respected and well-liked by the entire cast. He felt that he could break the stalemate by putting these rumors of a cast strike to rest by moving forward and leading the cast to another hit season."

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