Olivia Wilde to Play Justin Timberlake's Mom

As a young, beautiful actress, Olivia Wilde doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face. Yet the 26-year-old "House" star has recently picked up a role playing Justin Timberlake’s character's mother.

No, she won't be playing an over-botoxed Hollywood housewife. The premise of director Andrew Niccol’s untitled new thriller is immortality.

The movie is "based on a society where aging stops at 25 and time has become the currency,” Entertainment Weekly reports. “As such, even a 50-year-old can look 25. In this world, the rich are immortal and the rest struggle to stay alive."

Wilde and Timberlake are reuniting with Amanda Seyfried, who all worked together in Nick Cassavete’s “Alpha Dog” (2006). E! Online also reports that 31-year-old “Mad Men” star Vincent Karthesier is playing Seyfried’s father.

With this new project, Wilde has a full plate on her hands. In addition to her continuing gig as "House" minion Thirteen, she’s starring in Universal’s comedy, “The Change-Up” with Ryan Reynolds and Justin Bateman.

The actress also just finished up filming for sci-fi thrillers “Cowboys & Aliens” and Disney’s “Tron” to be released next year.

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