Obama, Trump Presidencies Contrasted in Pete Souza's New Photo Book ‘Shade'

'When Souza left the White House in 2017, he didn't know what it meant to "throw shade"-but soon learned he was doing it'

Former Obama White House photographer Pete Souza took to Instagram Wednesday to announce he has a new book coming out called "SHADE: A Tale of Two Presidents."

Publisher Little, Brown and Company wrote about the book on their website: "When Souza left the White House in 2017, he didn't know what it meant to 'throw shade' — but soon learned he was doing it, by posting photographs on Instagram from the Obama years along with captions that vividly define the contrast between the Obama and Trump administrations."

The picture book is slated for release in October. Souza's first book, "Obama: An Intimate Portrait," was a New York Times bestseller.

To contrast the social media posts by President Donald Trump after he took office, Souza began subtly commenting on the Trump administration and offering a dissenting view of Trump via his Instagram posts. His images and captions represent the President Barack Obama years in the White House. Using the word "citizen" to describe himself in his Instagram bio, Souza's Instagram following ballooned to nearly two million followers since he began his social photo commentary.  

"I have worked for two presidents in my life–one Republican (Reagan) and one Democrat (Obama)," Souza wrote on Instagram. "I spent almost every day with President Obama during his two terms, watching how hard he worked on behalf of all Americans. He was–and still is–someone who respected people from all walks of life. He made decisions based on facts. He respected democracy and the rule of law. Unlike his successor, he respected the office of the presidency."

He went on to say: "My commentary on Instagram has been subtle, sometimes humorous, and certainly more respectful than his (Trump's) commentary on Twitter. Through my photographs and commentary, SHADE will vividly show where we are as a country contrasted with where we were."

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