November 8, 2009: Mad Men

Tonight's events are going to melt our faces off

The Mad Men season finale is already upon us tonight (seriously, is it just me or did this season fly by at supersonic speed?), and I don't know anything about it. Matthew Weiner's notorious paranoia about secrets getting out has been in full effect for tonight's episode -- there's no trailer, no detailed synopsis, no revealing promotional images of any kind, nothing official of any sort.

All I know is the episode is called "Shut the Door" and that "Don has an important meeting with Connie. Betty receives some advice. Pete talks to his clients." Which isn't much, so here we are left to speculate. Will Betty really leave Don? (I think she will.) Will Pete leave Sterling Cooper? (I think he will.) Will Roger take up with Joan again? (Oh yes, most definitely. I don't care if it is "different with this girl.") Will Peggy's Duck hickey ever heal? (Only time will tell!)

This has been a tremendous and very satisfying season overall, and the gradual 180-degree change in the power dynamic between Betty and Don in their relationship alone is a huge writing achievement, but... I miss Sal and Joan so much already -- next season, am I to miss Pete all year, as well? And what if Peggy tries to leave to go work for Duck, too? That is hurtful, show. Put the band back together already.

But no matter what happens, I think we all know tonight's events are going to melt our faces off. I love me some Bachelor and Rock of Love, but this show never ceases to remind me how truly brilliant television is just the single greatest thing in the entire world.

Your predictions for tonight? Discuss them below!

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