“Next Year Is Our Last Year” of “30 Rock,” Says Alec Baldwin

A backstage remark at a dance recital is how we learn about the death of one of the great sitcoms? 

Alec Baldwin was the guest of honor at at the National Dance Institute's annual fund-raiser. Before taking the stage, he dropped a massive bomb.

"I will tell you one thing," Baldwin said to Vulture. "And that is our show next year is our last year of the show."

Baldwin has talked in the past about leaving the show once his contract expires in 2012, but it turns out he may not be the only one taking his ball and going home.

"Our contracts are expired [in 2012], and Tina is gonna have a big career directing films and writing. She's going to be the next Elaine May. She'll be great."

Naturally, Fey's people had no comment.

If it is true, we should just be grateful that "30 Rock" lasted as long as it did. When you consider how weak the ratings have been, it's a miracle that our bosses at NBC didn't kill it ages ago.

Maybe "30 Rock" is proof of the true value of awards shows, that they sometimes cow execs into sticking with projects. Don't think for a moment it would've survived without all those Emmys.

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