Aircraft Debris Found in New York Reservoir After Plane Disappears

Search crews combing the waters of a New York reservoir for a plane that went missing on approach to an airport in Connecticut have found debris thought to be from the missing craft, state police said.

A seat and wheels thought to be from the missing Cessna were found in the Titicus Reservoir near Salem, New York, on Friday morning. The discovery comes less than a day after a plane set to land at the Danbury Airport in Connecticut went missing.

Authorities lost contact with the Cessna at about 4 p.m. Thursday; it had departed Mississippi earlier in the day. Its last known location is near the reservoir, which supplies water to New York City.

Authorities said there is no threat to the water supply, but hazmat teams are at the site as a precaution.

Search boats and divers could be seen scouring the reservoir Thursday and Friday. The search was suspended overnight due to thick fog that settled over the body of water.

Crews said they're continuing to search the river.

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