New “Thor and “Captain America” Banners Renew Hope for Awesomeness

Our concerns with the "Thor" and "Captain America" films have been well documented, but the newest banners to promote the hero flicks at Comic-Con promise a darkness and grit that has been decidedly lacking.

Captain America is seen wielding a shield and a gun, fighting side-by-side with U.S. troops, while Thor is going at it hammer and tong with his evil half-brother Loki. Check out the full-size versions here and here.

The new banner art looks far, far better than anything we've seen before from either project. Too bad they're not actual stills. Speaking of which, the new still of Chris Hemsworth swinging the mighty Mjolnir is a step in the right direction, but we've had our fill of Thor in T-shirts, thank you.

With Comic-Con starting tomorrow in San Diego, this is Marvel's big chance to assure fans that their upcoming epics are on the right path. We're rooting for them.

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