New “No Strings Attached” Trailer Hopes You'll Forget the First One

The prospect of Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher co-starring in a romcom raised more than a few eyebrows and doubts. And when the first trailer for "No Strings Attached" dropped in November, it confirmed all your worst fears.

Making matters worse for the film was the release, just three days later, of the trailer for "Friends With Benefits," the other romcom about a pair of old friends who start sleeping with each other starring, this one starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. It was raunchy, sexy and a funny enough to make you think it might be worthwhile. The general consensus was that "FWB" had kicked "NSA"'s ass.

So now, two months later, we get a red-band (that's industry talk for Not Safe for Work) trailer for "Strings" that's got Kutcher's butt, dick jokes, swear words... all the good stuff you look for in a 21st Century sex-romp romance. Check it out--and remember it's full of "mature content":

We're not entirely sold by this new look at "NSA," remember that all that garbage from the old trailer is likely still in the film, but it is a marked improvement.

One wonders if things got awkward on the set of "Black Swan." Were Portman and Kunis hissing at each other about how much more awesomer their f-buddy romcom was gonna be?

"No Strings Attached" opens January 21, while "Friends With Benefits" awaits July 22.

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