‘New Girl' Stars Face Off With Bear in CollegeHumor PSA

What if bears killed one in five people?

People would be freaking out. There would be mass hysteria. We would all be doing something about it.

Twenty percent of people being mauled by bears? That would be complete and utter chaos that we, as a society, would refuse to tolerate.

We wouldn't stand by as something terrible is happening to innocent people.

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That's what CollegeHumor and President Barack Obama's "It's on Us" initiative seek to address in a new PSA video: "What If Bears Killed One In Five People?"

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The video shines a light on a horrifying epidemic – the fact that one in five women will be sexually assaulted by the time they finish college.

If we wouldn't tolerate bear attacks, why would we tolerate rape?

Featuring "New Girl"stars Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris, along with Rob Riggle and others, the video PSA shows a group of bros, chilling with beers, when they discover a bear's in the house.

"Just pretend it's not there," Johnson says, arguing that it's better left ignored since he doesn't know what to do about it.

When his friends find out that one in five people will be eaten by a bear (which means possibly, one of them), they lose it.

"Hey, what happens between you guys and the bear is none of my business," adds Johnson, touching on the kinds of comments that can be heard when dealing with sexual assault.

As the bear gets closer to taking out one of his friends, Johnson exclaims: "I don't want to deal with this problem!"

Denying the bear attack is insane, the ad argues, almost as insane as doing nothing when rape continues to be a prevalent problem that isn't going away.

The PSA directs viewers to take the "It's on Us" pledge.

The pledge is a commitment to help keep women and men safe from sexual assault by recognizing that non-consensual sex is sexual assault, agreeing to intervene when consent isn't given, and creating a supportive environment for attack survivors.

CollegeHumor and "It's on Us" are reminding its viewers that sexual assault isn't something that has to be accepted, it's something that has to be talked about and stopped.

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