Need a Job? Where's Your Bracelet?

Yellow wristband identifies you as out of work

Finding it hard to get a job in today's economy?

Have you thought about silicone?

No, we're not talking implants. We're talking bracelets.

Just as Lance Armstrong did for cancer, two Florida entrepreneurs are hoping to do the same for the unemployed by creating yellow wristbands that can be used to promote their joblessness -- but not in a demeaning way, of course.

The wristbands are yellow, just like the Livestrong bracelets, but have "Laid Off Need A" printed on them.

So for just $3 (plus another buck for shipping), the creators say the bracelets will help people advertise themselves to potential employers anywhere they go. You can also buy five for $14 or 10 for $25, which should cover most of your officemates who also recently got laid off. Or you can buy them in bulk and go into business on your own, selling them at a mark-up at flea markets and whatnot.

But will the Scarlet Letter of joblessness work? Hard to say.

If you're wearing it while ordering off the dollar menu at McDonald's, then yes, it probably will.

But if you're using your last remaining dollars at a strip club, well... that's another story.

Just make sure you keep that resume handy. 

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