Beach Boys Not Surfing Katy Perry With Lawsuit

Mike Love says the band wishes Perry the best with her "California Gurls" hit

The Beach Boys aren't going to kick sand on Katy Perry just because she may have lifted a little too liberally from their 1965 hit "California Girls."

Following a report in the New York Post that the quintessential surf band's record label wants royalties from Perry's summer anthem "California Gurls," one of the band's leaders gave her the all-clear.

"The Beach Boys are definitely not suing Katy Perry, in fact we are flattered that her fantastically successful song is bringing to mind to millions of people our 1965 recording of the Beach Boys' 'California Girls,' " Mike Love, who cowrote the classic with Brian Wilson, told E! Online. "We think her song is great and wish her all the success in the world."

A spokesman for Rondor Music told E! News that while the company isn't planning to sue, it hopes Perry's creative team will give credit where it's due.

"In regard to the various rumors circulating, we would like to make it clear that there is no lawsuit against the writers or publishers of 'California Gurls.' We have established diminutive claims. It is up to the six writers and various publishers of 'California Gurls' to decide whether they honor the claim or not."

Wilson and Love have previously both admitted to liking Perry's work, especially since she said her tune was a tribute to their legendary band.

"I love her vocal," Wilson said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. "She sounds very clear and energetic...The melody is infectious."

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