Man Fuming Over Cold Soup Spends Month Lost in Siberian Woods

"That's the last time I criticize my wife's cooking," he said after his rescue

That'll teach him to gripe.

A Siberian man angrily stormed off when his wife served him cold soup — only to get lost in the woods for more than a month, barely managing to survive.

"I thought I was going to die. The temperatures were sub-zero and I was getting really weak," he told local media, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

Yuri Ticuic, 69, ate berries and leaves in the forest and eventually collapsed in a field beside a haystack, which he picked at for sustenance.

After over a month of eating hay for food and snow for water, Ticuic was found frost-bitten, weak and crippled by farm workers.

They took him to a hospital, where doctors said he was lucky to have survived and may have to have his severely frostbitten legs amputated.

"No matter what happens, that's the last time I criticize my wife's cooking. Anything is better than hay grain," he said.

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