Weird Al's Gaga Parody Delightfully Odd

The king of parody playfully spoofs all things Gaga in his latest video

Ever had a deep-set wish to see Weird Al Yankovic in scant amounts of police tape and a wimple?

Neither did we, but his latest parody song, “Perform This Way” boasts Weird Al in both, lampooning the always-eclectic Lady Gaga.

In the video—whose future was murky at best after some disputes--Weird Al does what he does best, spoofing all of Lady Gaga’s famous looks, from the bubble dress to “Telephone’s” police tape, to the sirloin dress.

And all this is done with Al’s head superimposed on a woman’s body.

The master of parodies also managed to squeeze in a jab at Gaga’s originality. “I’m so completely original. My new look is all the rage!” as he wears a gold cone bra and a delirious-looking Madonna look-alike pops up.

Watch the video below.

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