Utah City Picks Mayor by Drawing Names out of a Basket

The City Attorney drew Ed Chavez Jr.'s name and made him the new mayor.

Ed Chavez Jr. became the mayor of a city in Utah thanks to a little luck.

Chavez and opponent Councilman Kirk Mascaro were hoping to fill the position as mayor of Helper, located 100 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, according to The Associated Press.

The city council was deadlocked between the two candidates following two rounds of voting. After it became clear that the tie wouldn't be broken, slips of paper containing the candidates' names were placed in a wicker basket.

It was decided that whoever's name was drawn from the basket would be the winner. The City Attorney drew Chavez's name, making him the new mayor.

"I was kind of shocked that I was the one whose name was drawn," Mayor Ed Chavez Jr. said to KSL News.

Chavez assured that there were no hard feelings between him and Mascaro. "Kirk (Mascaro) and I grew up together," Chavez  said to KSL News, "and I'm pretty sure, I don't think there's going to be any animosity between us. We'll work together just fine."

Chavez has a long history of public service, working at the county sheriff's office for 25 years and on the city council for 15 years, KSL reports. He was also chairman of the county Democratic party.

Chavez is replacing former mayer Dean Armstrong who resigned after being arrested for his third DUI, AP reports.

Despite the Helper's history, Chavez hopes to give the city a new direction. "We're entering into a new chapter in Helper City," he said to KSL News. "What's in the past is in the past.

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