“Sharknado” Fever Takes Hold

One word: sharknado.

sharknadofull copy

Syfy's newest disaster flick "Sharknado" is dominating social media after airing Thursday night.

The TV movie stars "Beverly Hills, 90210” alum Ian Ziering as a Santa Monica, Calif., bar owner turned reluctant hero after a horde of sharks get caught up in a hurricane, which spawns smaller tornadoes that terrorize the West Coast. The flick has spun no shortage of biting commentary.

“Oh, god, this is going to be awful. I can't wait. I wish I had booze on hand,” Fark user ecmoRandomNumbers said before the show.

If you’re confused why the sharks just didn’t fall back into the water, don’t worry- most on Twitter and Fark were too.

The film’s writer, Thunder Levin doesn’t see any gaps in logic.

“If you were a shark and you found yourself flying through the air, wouldn’t you keep biting? I think you’d be pretty pissed about being plucked out of your nice familiar ocean where you’re king of the predators, and you’d probably take it out on whoever got in your way,” Levin told io9.com Thursday. “Honestly, I don’t understand why people are so perplexed by this concept. The logic is undeniable.”

The film also stars John Heard, better known as the father in “Home Alone” and Tara Reid, the actress from “The Big Lebowski” and “American Pie” who’s been in the news more for her exploits off the screen than on them.

You can watch the trailer for “Sharknado” below:

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