Stranded Cruiseliner Towed to Seychelles by French Ship


The cruise ship that was stranded Monday in the Indian Ocean got a tow to a nearby island in the Seychelles on Tuesday after a French fishing vessel came to its rescue. With over 1,000 people aboard, the oceanliner Costa Allegra lost power after a fire broke out in its generator room, leaving it potentially vulnerable to attack by pirates. According to the Seychelles Coast Guard, arrangements are being made to evacuate everybody to the island nation's Desroches island before transferring them to its main island. Tugboats will then pull the ship to Port Victoria. The Costa Allegra is operated by the same cruise company as the Costa Concordia, which capsized off Italy last month, killing at least 25. The company has downplayed fears over the Costa Allegra, however, noting that it is upright and has an armed anti-piracy military team on-board.

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