“SNL” Responds to Superstorm Sandy

Opening sketch mocks New York City mayor and New Jersey governor and their sign-language interpreters.

"Saturday Night Live" took a break -- mostly -- from spoofing candidates with just four days left in the presidential race, and instead focused on local politics and the effects of Superstorm Sandy.

This week's opening segment was an officials' Sandy briefing featuring Fred Armisen as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Bobby Moynihan as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Bloomberg  said his ban of sugary drinks and trans-fat prevented people from becoming so obese that they could have been swept away by the harsh waters brought by Sandy.

He also had some choice words for President Barack Obama.

"I also want to thank President Obama for his fast and efficient assistance during our time of need, while also reminding him that we do not want you to come here," he said. "Your motorcade causes traffic headaches. I endorse you for president, but if you come here, I will have you arrested."

Next up was Christie, who also had something to say about Obama.

“On election day, I’m voting for Mitt Romney,” he said. “But if I had to pick some guy to have my back in a crisis, it would be Barack Obama. He’s been amazing -- so kind, such a leader, a true inspiration. Again, I’ll be a good soldier and vote for Romney, but I’m going to hate it. Do you hear me? I will hate it.”

Christie tried to comfort the citizens of his state, saying "things are bad, okay."

"They are bad, but we're New Jersey," he said. "We don't get sad in New Jersey. We get even. So sleep with one eye open, Sandy!"

He also continued to criticize Atlantic City mayor Lorenzo Langford for having opened a shelter of last resort instead of enforce a mandatory evacuation before Sandy's landfall.

"You disobey me? You disobey one of my orders? Well screw you, screw your city and screw all the people who listened to you," Christie said. "I'm going to rescue you and then beat you to death, because that’s the Jersey way."

Bloomberg and Christie were both flanked by sign-language interpreters.

In real life NYC interpreter Lydia Callis has emerged as a minor celebrity since the storm. Her "SNL" imitator (Cecily Strong) was also wildly energetic, and Bloomberg thanked her for bringing "pizazz" to the role.

"SNL's" gum chewing New Jersey interpreter (Nasim Pedrad) was more standoffish as she illustrated Christie's tough-as-nails persona.

But they both interpreted “Obama” by pulling on the side of their ears.

After both politicians spoke, Bloomberg wrapped up by addressing the city’s Spanish-speaking population. He urged them, in rudimentary Spanish, to be patient with white people who have no power, Internet and cannot watch the Showtime hit "Homeland."

On Weekend Update, host Seth Meyers picked up the national politics slack and had fun at the expense of Mitt Romney.

The GOP candidate -- in the form of Jason Sudeikis -- was there to defend himself and make his closing argument to voters.

Romney said that his heart went out to Sandy victims but that "in these trying times" there was something that he thought people were forgetting: "I'm Mitt Romney and I'm still running for president."

He also made one last effort to discuss his platform.

"If there’s anything people should know about Mitt Romney at this point is that nothing I’ve said in the past should be any indication of my positions in the future," he said. "If I’m elected president, I will promise you one thing. I will promise you everything.”

This week's host, Louis C.K., got involved in the political fun as well, playing a FEMA officer on a Fox morning show. Later, he starred as Abraham Lincoln on a parody version of C.K.'s FX show "Louis."

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