Nancy Pelosi Talks to Jimmy Fallon about Her 25 Years in Congress

Pelosi talked health care, re-electing President Obama, and getting more women elected to Congress

Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi spoke to Jimmy Fallon on “Late Night” Friday night about her 25 years in Congress.

Pelosi, who represents California's 8th Congressional District (San Francisco), discussed health care, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, re-electing President Barack Obama, overturning the Citizens United ruling, and her goal of getting more women, minorities, and young politicians elected to Congress.

She said that one of her most memorable moments during her time in Congress has been the passing of the Affordable Care Act. 

When asked about what she thought of Paul Ryan, Pelosi said, “He’s a nice person. I don’t really know him well”—pause for effect—“because I’ve never been to the gym.” She insisted that the more important question is, "Who is Mitt Romney?"

Pelosi also observed that when she started out in Congress, there was more “civility,” which she would like to see a return of.

In the video below, Pelosi plays "One Word" with Fallon.

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