Mark Wahlberg: I Loved Shooting Derek Jeter

Longtime Red Sox fan loved getting violent with the Yankee on-screen

Mark Wahlberg is one Red Sox fan Yankees should look out for -- especially when he's toting a gun.

The actor and long-time Boston Red Sox fan said he loved pulling out the hardware on Yankee star Derek Jeter, who made a cameo in Mark Wahlberg's "The Other Guys," the New York Daily News reported.

Wahlberg and Will Ferrell play cops in the comedy who chase down Jeter's character, a homeless bum, when he won't stop after repeated requests on the cops' part. To stop him, Wahlberg fires.

"They call me the Yankee clipper in the movie," Wahlberg told the News.

"The part was written for me. I can't wait to see this with an audience in Boston," he said.

Wahlberg cracked a joke about Jeter's acting chops, saying the baller could only have a career in Hollywood if he got a little lucky.

"An acting career? If he reeeallly works on it," he joked.

Wahlberg will also star this season in thriller "The Lovely Bones" as the father of a murdered teenager.

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