Leno's Pearls of Political Wisdom

The "Tonight Show" host's jokes made almost resembled simple, well-reasoned remarks more than actual jokes.

While Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert kept making broad statements with their extended super PAC gag, Jay Leno stuck to jokes on the horse race between the GOP rivals on Tuesday night.

And the jokes the "Tonight Show" host made almost resembled simple, well-reasoned remarks more than jokes.

On perennial also-ran Jon Huntsman's decision to bow out of the primary — and why Huntsman's endorsement of Mitt Romney might not mean much:

"Do you believe that? Huntsman was still in the race? Did you know he was in the race?" Leno asked incredulously.

"He believes Romney has the best chance to win. Is he the best judge, huh? I mean, up until yesterday, he thought he had the best chance."

He also questioned the wisdom of Rick Santorum's criticism during the first South Carolina debate of Romney's professed support for voting rights for felons.

"Why shouldn't we let felons vote, huh? We vote for 'em, why not let them vote? I mean, they run for office," Leno noted.


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