Lady Gaga to Guest Judge on “SYTYCD”

So you think you do good monster claws?

We can picture it now: "That was inspirational, but I suggest dinosaur arms."

Lady Gaga will be a guest judge on an upcoming episode of "So You Think You Can Dance," executive producer and longtime judge Nigel Lythgoe told Popeater.

Gaga is scheduled to appear on an episode of the talent competition later this season.

Lythgoe said Gaga has acheived what he hopes the Fox show's contestants can acheive, according to Yahoo's Reality Rocks blog.

"What she will do is give great advice on how to handle yourself, how to be creative with what you do, and how to be a fabulous performer," he said.

The young woman with tall shoes and no pants made her debut as a reality TV show mentor on the most recent season of "American Idol," according to Popeater.

She wasn't exactly a Simon Cowell-type judge.

"I'm not interested in judging them. I'm here purely to be a friend," Gaga said. "I just want to give them senses of inspiration and confidence, and help them bring out what is special about them."

On "Idol," Gaga told contestant Haley Reinhart to make her performance more interesting by adding drama.

"Give them a little 'I'm crazy, and I'm a laugh away from a tear,'" she said.

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