Man Barred from Taking Kitten to Florida Strip Club

Man arrested after trying to enter strip club with kitten

A drunk Florida man was arrested after being blocked from entering a strip club with his kitten, according to police. 

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office reported Everett Lages refused to leave the premises when the owner of Emerald City strip club said he wouldn’t be allowed in with the cat. 

Rather than leave, Lages called 911. When deputies arrived, they called a taxi for the intoxicated kitten owner to get him and the pet back home, police wrote in a news release posted on Facebook

He wouldn’t provide an address for the cab driver, and subsequently claimed he had no money to pay the fare, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported.  Police said Lages made a scene, claiming the club owner had committed a crime, and repeatedly dialed 911 even though sheriff's deputies were still at Emerald City. 

After repeated warnings to Lages, police said they arrested him for misuse of the 911 system, creating a disturbance and resisting arrest without violence, among other charges.

Animal Control took possession of his kitten.

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