Katy Perry to Play Marilyn Monroe on Broadway? Maybe

The producer of a new movie about Marilyn has a musical in mind — with the pop star playing the lead.

"My Week with Marilyn" just opened in theaters Wednesday night, but already producer Harvey Weinstein wants to take it to Broadway.

"If the movie works, I would try to make it a musical," he told E! Online.

The British drama's heavyweight cast — especially Michelle Williams, whose starring turn as Marilyn Monroe is expected to earn her an Oscar nod — has already been praised, but Weinstein's apparently already got some Broadway casting ideas.

And they might not involve Williams. They might instead involve... Katy Perry.

"I would go to Katy first" for a musical, Weinstein said to E!. "I think she would be amazing."

The pop star has already generated a lot of interest in the movie through her Twitter account and the use of her song "The One that Got Away" in its trailer.

She's also no stranger to Marilyn impersonations of her own, as she aped the legendary actress' famous looks for a German commercial for her album "Teenage Dream."

Right now, though, Perry might have more experience voicing Smurfs than acting on-screen.

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