Isaac May Disrupt Security for GOP Convention

Tropical Storm Isaac

Even if Tropical Storm Isaac doesn't upend the Republican National Convention schedule in Tampa next week, the storm could still force a shakeup of security plans. About half of the expected officers being sent to Tampa come from other parts of Florida and some could be forced to stay home for the storm, authorities said Thursday. "We're in a situation right now where we don't know what's going to happen," Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee said. "My primary concern right now is that we will lose resources." Gee said some agencies, especially in South Florida, might decide not to send officers to Tampa if the storm threatens their areas. "As things change, they might have to prioritize," he said. Gee's agency is in charge of the county where the convention will take place. The Hillsborough Sheriff's Office is providing the bulk of the staffing for the event because it is the largest agency in the area and also oversees the county jail. The Tampa Police is the other main agency handling security outside of the convention hall. The Secret Service is in charge of everything inside the convention hall. Florida Gov. Rick Scott earlier said Thursday though Isaac could pose a threat to the convention, he did not expect the event to be cancelled.

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