Hogwarts Tuition Would Cost More Than $41K

According to a study, budding witches and wizards would shell out for their magical education.

Sure, it’d be fun to go to Hogwarts, but are there any scholarship programs?

According to a university calculation, tuition for the fictional British school of witchcraft and wizardry would set you back around $41,500, with even more for supplies.

That’s a lot of galleons…er, dollars.

The Economics Society at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania calculated the cost based on the cost of merchandise listed on Amazon, the Daily Mail reports.

The signature black robes, for instance, go for around $160 a piece, and three are required for First Years. That’s not taking into account the inevitable wear-and-tear and growth spurts that would happen over seven years at the magical school.

Wands went for $160 as well, with protective gloves going for $122 (though dragon hide, which is called for in the books, obviously doesn’t exist. Gore-Tex was substituted).

No wonder the Weasleys favored second-hand robes and pets.

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