“Green Hornet” Tops Weekend Box Office

Though inceptions of comic book superheroes might be flailing in other mediums, the story of the Green Hornet is alive and well. Moviegoers flocked to see the revamped “Hornet,” earning it the top slot, with over $34 million in ticket sales.

The New York Times’ Arts Beat blog reports that the film was in all kinds of trouble after a sneak peek last summer where fans were less than receptive. And so, Sony Pictures Entertainment came in to revamp the movie, based in parts from the 1930’s radio show and the television series from the 1960’s, and improved it greatly. Though, as Entertainment Weekly notes, the film cost $110 million to produce, and fell flat of the $40 million goal they had.

Things weren’t so good for the other main contender this weekend, the Ron Howard-directed comedy “The Dilemma.” The movie, about a guy who finds out his best buddy’s wife is having an affair, made $17.4 million, coming in a distant second to “Green Hornet.” In third place was “True Grit,” with approximately $11.2 million in ticket sales.

Of course, these numbers are all libel to change after the Golden Globes name their top choices on Sunday evening.

Selected Reading: Times, EW

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