Mexican Feds Seize Druglord's Golden Guns

Gangster's name spelled in diamonds on one weapon

A Mexican drug lord's treasure trove of gold and diamond encrusted firearms has been plundered by the Mexican army.

Soldiers discovered an arsenal of small arms inside a western Guadalajara home belonging to drug heavy Oscar Nava Valencia, according to The Associated Press. The Mexican Attorney General says Valencia heads his own smuggling gang and associates with the Sinaloa Cartel, a drug syndicate caught last week moving 40,000 pounds of marijuana into Arizona.

The glitzy cache of guns included half a dozen assault rifles plated in gold and silver. Thirty-eight pistols were seized, many of which were gilded and studded with precious stones. One pistol has a gold-plated Ferrari crest on the handle, another is inlaid with diamonds spelling "Lobo Valencia."  A grenade launcher was also found.

Weapons were not the only gaudy goods seized in the raid. A stash of Rolex, Mido, and Cartier watches, a Cadillac Escalade, and over a thousand U.S. dollars were also taken,  wrote the Guadalajara Reporter.

In addition, authorities found a portrait of crime boss Valencia in the house, riding a black horse and decked out in cowboy gear. Cowboy outfits are a favored uniform of Sinaloa gang members.

Oscar Valencia is currently being held in Altiplano prison, one of the highest security penitentiaries in Mexico.

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