Stephen Colbert Mocks Romney's Family Pranks

The late-night host poked fun at the presumptive GOP nominee's stabs at "humor."

According to a Gallup tracking poll, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney leads President Obama in a hypothetical match-up by five points.

To Stephen Colbert, the former Massachusetts governor's lead is evidence of a stunning national trend: "America is finally falling in love with the idea of liking Mitt Romney."

"And they just can get exactly enough of him" Colbert added.

The Comedy Central host played a clip of Romney's interview with Diane Sawyer to illustrate his claim that "people are finally starting to learn how warm and down to earth Mitt really is."

In the clip, when asked by Sawyer if he's funnier than Pres. Obama, Romney alludes to family pranks.

"Most of our dinner table events were involving humor of one kind or another," Romney said. These instances of "humor," Romney added, "can't be repeated on the air."

Check out the clip below for Colbert's brilliant riff on Romney's comedic bona fides:

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