Brad Pitt's Movie Set Raided by SWAT Team

Hungarian authorities stormed a warehouse that had live AK-47's. That's a little too method, even for Hollywood.

Quiet on the set! That means you too, SWAT Team.

Hungarian police raided the set of “World War Z,” a zombie action flick that stars Brad Pitt, and seized 85 weapons from a warehouse.

According to People, there was some serious firepower in the warehouse, including AK-47’s and sniper riffles. Oh, and they were rigged with live ammunition. The police told People that they were seized because the weapons “were not fully inoperable as they were supposed to be.”

Hungarian police added the situation was “a disaster waiting to happen.” cited the movie's publicist, who said that the movie’s production company was working with Hungarian authorities to iron out the mess.

You can catch Brad Pitt battling the undead in December 2012.

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