Anne Hathaway on Aging: “Very Liberating”

Age ain't nothing but a number for this "One Day" star.

In Hollywood, age is that three-letter word you dare not speak. Always, as the rule of thumb goes, assume an actress is in her mid-twenties.

But for Anne Hathaway, age is something the actress, currently 28, embraces. "I find the passing of time very liberating," she said at the New York premiere of her latest romantic comedy, “One Day.”
Hathaway will turn 29 in November.

Age has brought good things for the actress. "I feel more confident every, well not every single day, but most days I feel better than I did the day before, and that's a good thing."

She said she feels a sense of freedom about approaching 30.

"For every generation where traditional rules don't apply, you don't have to have things figured out by 22 and have four kids by the time you're 30," said Hathaway, who's single but dating and has no children.

“We have a lot more time to figure out who we are."

Case in point, Hathaway says: Meryl Streep, the 62-year-old Oscar winner.

"We have pioneers that show us there's no reason to be afraid, and I just think fear (of aging) is something that we perpetuate," Hathaway said. "Who needs it?"

Who needs it, indeed, especially when the young starlet already has an Oscar nod and hosted the prestigious awards ceremony.

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