Mindy McCready Gets Custody of Son, According to Mindy McCready

The troubled country star claims court victory, but nothing official has been released.

Even though nothing official has been released by the courts, troubled country singer Mindy McCready is claiming victory in her battle to gain custody of her five-yerar-old son, Zander.

McCready told reporters she was "a happy girl" as she exited an Arkansas courthouse following the custody hearing, but admitted she could not elaborate any further at that time.

She went on to praise the presiding judge, Lee Harrod, saying, "I love Judge Harrod, I'll tell you that. I love that man. He's a good man."

McCready was far less cryptic later on, when she sent a text to the HLN network's "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" host Jane Velez-Mitchell exclaiming, "WE WON!!! ZAN STAYS." Velez-Mitchell read the singer's tweets on air, which ended with "Court details sealed by we love Judge Lee W. Harrod." 

McCready has been in a legal snare since absconding with her son without permission after picking him up from his father's house in Florida. Neither McCready nor the boy's father, former boyfriend Billy McKnight, have custody of Zander. The boy's maternal grandmother was granted custody in 2007.

Details of the custody hearing remain unclear. McCready also recently announced that she is pregnant with twins, but did not name the father. It is rumored to be her producer/boyfriend David Wilson.

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