“Milk” Man Bringing “The Secret History of the Giant Man” to the Big Screen

Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black will write and direct an adaptation of "3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man," about a man who never stops growing.

Black, who won an Academy Award for his "Milk" script, and whose directorial debut, "What's Wrong With Virginia," comes out later this fall, would will be taking on both duties concurrently for this first time, according to Heat Vision.

Publisher's Weekly describes Matt Kindt's graphic novel comic book as:

(A) modern fable, exploring the life of the giant man, Craig Pressgang, through the experiences of three women—his mother, wife and daughter. The promotional material claims that Pressgang's life is well documented in his official CIA biography, Giant Man: Pillar of America... Born during WWII, Pressgang's life serves as metaphor for the American mood over the past 60 years, from the flush optimism of the 1950s to the confusion about the country's place in the world as the 21st century dawns.

In February, Dark Horse Comics released an 8-page addition to the story called "Giant Man in The Philippines," about Pressgang's visit to Vietnam at the behest of President Johnson. Having read only that brief section of the story, it seems pretty clear that Pressgang is a stand-in for America at (quite literally) at large.

Much of the political backstory to "3" will no doubt be easy enough for Black to get a handle on, as he wrote the script for the biopic about J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI from 1935 to 1972,  that Clint Eastwood is directing. Sadly, word is that Blacks's screenplay for "Hoover" pays little attention to the man's much-rumored cross-dressing.

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