Amanda Seyfried Kisses and tells On Megan Fox

"Jennifer's Body" co-star Amanda Seyfried says Fox has "a lot of lips."

Making out with Megan Fox was hot, says Amanda Seyfried, who co-starred with sizzling starlet in the teenage vampire movie "Jennifer's Body."

“A lot of people in the world want to make out with Megan Fox, and she’s good. She has a lot of lips. We both have a lot of lips. It was very feminine," Seyfried said.

The movie, which tells the tale of a possessed high school cheerleader who seduces and kills men, has been heavily promoted with the kissing scene.

“There may be one trailer where it’s literally two full minutes of us making out,” Seyfried said.

Seyfried liked it so much, she has no problem doing it again. In her latest project, "Chloe," Seyfried plays an escort who seduces both Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore.

“I had to make out with Julianne,” Seyfried says. “I was like, ‘I’ve already done this! This should be easy!’”

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