McG May Declare “War” on Witherspoon and Cooper


Fresh off the mess that was "Terminator Salvation," director McG is said to be contemplating doing a 180 by taking the reins on a rom-com.

"This Means War," which McG is considering, is the story of two best friends who fall in love with the same woman and the ensuing battle that leaves New York City demolished in its wake.

So far Reese Witherspoon and Bradley Cooper are attached but unsigned. But this script has been kicking around for so long that Martin Lawrence was once ready to star in it, notes Empire Online.

Witherspoon is eminently watchable, even in garbage, and Cooper is about as man-pretty and hot (buzz-wise) as they come right now. Find the third leg to their love triangle shouldn't be too difficult. Ryan Phillippe, maybe? Or how about Jake Gyllenhaal? Or better yet, dump Cooper and get both Gyllenhaal and Phillippe for the verite vibe.

With any luck, this will distract McG from "T-5."

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