Mayhem, Gunfire: Timeline of the Uvalde School Shooting

The moments of the most recent U.S. school mass shooting

Outside the school, each harrowing minute during the Uvalde school shooting was felt by the relatives and loved ones of children and staff members. Within the halls of Robb Elementary School, each moment of terror for over an hour can only be described by those who survived.

Below is a comprehensive display of the sequence of events, followed by a timeline of the school shooting in which the lives of 19 children and two adults were taken on May 24.

How the Shooting Unfolded

11:27 AM School door initially propped open with rock by a teacher.

11:28 AM Gunman's truck crashes into ditch. Gunman exits with gun in backpack, fires at witnesses.

11:30 AM Teacher calls 911. Teacher kicks rock away and closes door. Door does not lock.

11:31 AM Gunman breaches fence, starts shooting from the parking lot.

11:32 AM Patrol officer who heard the initial 911 call drives to the school — passing the suspect in the parking lot.

11:33 AM Gunman enters the school through the door that did not lock, begins shooting into a classroom. He fires off more than 100 rounds.

11:35 AM Three officers enter the school through the open door and are followed shortly by four more. Two of the seven officers receive grazing gunshot wounds.

11:37 AM - 11:44 AM Sixteen more rounds of gunfire.

11:43 AM The school posts on its Facebook page that it is in lockdown "due to gunshots in the area."

12:03 PM By 12:03 PM, 19 officers have arrived on scene and gathered in the hallway. A student in room 112 places a 911 call that lasts one minute and 23 seconds.

12:10 PM Another 911 call is placed from the student in room 112. The caller tells dispatch that multiple people are dead.

12:13 PM The student calls 911 again.

12:15 PM Border patrol tactical team officers start arriving on scene.

12:16 PM The student in room 112 calls 911 again and reports that there are 8 to 9 students still alive.

12:17 PM The school posts on Facebook that there is an active shooter at the school.

12:19 PM Another student, this one in room 111, calls 911, but hangs up when another student says to do so.

12:21 PM The shooter fires again, reportedly at the classroom door. Officers begin to move down the hallway toward the location. Later, three gunshots can be heard at this time on a recording of a 911 call.

12:30 PM The school posts again on Facebook, this time to say that students who had escaped the school were being taken to a high school on the other side of town for reunification. The post also asks parents not to pick up their children until the school notifies them that all students have been accounted for.

12:36 PM The same student calls 911 again and is told to remain on the line and stay very quiet. The caller tells 911 that the gunman shot the door.

12:43 PM The student on the phone asks 911 to please send police now.

12:46 PM The student on the phone tells 911 that they can now hear police next door.

12:47 PM The student on the phone again asks 911 to send police now.

12:50 PM Border patrol tactical officers, using keys borrowed from a school custodian, enter the classroom and begin firing at the gunman, killing him. Shots can be heard on the 911 call.

12:51 PM Officers can be heard, via the ongoing 911 call, helping children move out of the classroom. The student who'd called 911 was able to get out at this time.

Source: Texas Dep. of Public Safety, NBC News 

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