Matt Damon Making Directorial Debut With Krasinski-Eggers Script

"Father Daughter Time" will have to wait, but Matt Damon and John Krasinski will be making a film together.

Damon will make his directorial debut with an untitled project developed by Krasinski and David Eggers, reported Variety. But it's not "Father Daughter Time," the script Damon had mentioned in June as a possibility for the pair.

Instead, the story, which Krasinski and Eggers co-wrote, focuses on a salesman's arrival in a small town, where he comes under intense scrutiny. Damon is in line to take the lead, while Krasinski would play an as yet undetermined role.

The web of connections between these three is well established, as Damon co-starred with Krasinski's wife, Emily Blunt, in "The Adjustment Bureau," the pair displaying some great chemistry in what was a surprisingly good film. Krasinski starred in "Away We Go," which Eggers co-wrote with is own wife, Vendela Vida. It was a bit precious, as Eggers can be when he's at his worst, mostly lacking the bite of when he's at his best.

This has been a crazy year for Damon, who's already starred in "The Adjustment Bureau", "Contagion" and "Margaret", and still has "Happy Feet Two" and "We Bought a Zoo" on the way.

Damon's bestie, Ben Affleck, has set the bar high for directorial efforts, with "The Town" and "Gone Baby Gone"--Damon's gonna need to step up.

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