Madonna Finally Delivers a “W.E.” Trailer

"You have no idea how hard it is to live out the greatest romance of the century!"

After a long wait and a couple of false starts, Madonna has at last dropped a proper trailer for her upcoming directorial effort, "W.E.," based, in part, on the romance between Edward VIII (you may recall him as the ne'er-do-well brother in "The King's Speech") and Wallis Simpson, an American woman who was seeking her second divorce at the time they met.

"W.E." flips back and forth between the 1930, when Edward was wooing Wallis, and the late 1990s, as it follows a Wally Winthrop, an American woman obsessed with their love story, who, while in the midst of a romance of her own, begins doing research into them, only to discover that theirs was not the fairy tale she'd imagined.

It all sounds a bit much, and there's no indication that Madonna's film delves into how chummy Wallis was with some members of the Nazi party, but the cast is very strong, with Andrea Riseborough starring as Simpson, James D'Arcy as Edward, Abbie Cornish as Wally, and Oscar Isaac as Wally's paramour, Evgeni.

The film will be making a week-long Oscar-qualifying run starting Dec. 9, the date it was officially meant to open, before going inot a proper release Feb. 3. Weinstein wanted the film in this year's awards hunt, but didn't want its box office prospects crushed by the crowded field.

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