Lindsay Lohan Will Not Be Prosecuted for NYC Bar Fight; Attorneys on Both Sides React

Lindsay Lohan may soon be headed to locked-down rehab, but she's legally off the hook for her New York City bar fight.

A source tells E! News the Manhattan D.A.'s office is dismissing its case against the embattled actress, and she will not face charges for her arrest stemming from her New York City nightclub brawl with Tiffany Mitchell back in November.

Sources close to the investigation say the Manhattan D.A.'s Office will not prosecute LiLo because witnesses close to Mitchell failed to cooperate with the investigation. Specifically, they failed to speak with investigators.

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In addition, sources say a surveillance video on the night of the fight was inconclusive. The video did not show Lindsay strike Mitchell, and the alleged victim tripped and fell when she was being escorted out of the club, so it is unclear as to what caused her injury.

After Lohan's arrest, the psychic and apparent assault victim lawyered up with pit-bull celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

Allred tells E! News, "Tiffany is very disappointed that the District Attorney has not decided to prosecute Lindsay."

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She claims Tiffany had "two witnesses who spoke to the D.A. and corroborated what Tiffany alleged to have occurred."

"The District Attorney has never told us that there was any issue about Tiffany's credibility," Allred said. "Nor did the District Attorney indicate that their office believed that what Tiffany reported was 'unfounded.'"

Allred says her client is considering "all her legal options in the civil justice system because of what she suffered that night."

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"Tiffany has also been unfairly and inaccurately portrayed in the press," she told E! News. "She looks forward to responding in the future and to making sure that the full and accurate story of what happened that night is told."

As for Lindsay's lawyer's response?

Her attorney Mark Heller tells E! News, "An alleged gypsy fortune teller tried to grasp her 15 minutes of fame by claiming that Lindsay Lohan assaulted her. Unfortunately, she was unable to see in her crystal ball that I would come to Lindsay's defense and present exculpatory evidence to the New York District Attorney's Office, which would facilitate and result in a determination by them to decline to prosecute Lindsay Lohan."

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"This was the final legal hurdle to overcome and clear the path for Lindsay's freedom," he added. "Accordingly, no formal charges will be brought against Lindsay and her record will be cleared."

Well, sort of.

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