Lindsay Lohan on Schedule to Complete Probation

Lohan's monthly probation updates will continue until March

A judge told Lindsay Lohan that she is doing a good job of complying with the strict terms of her probation when the actress appeared Tuesday morning for an update on her progress.

"She's done it all on schedule," said Judge Stephanie Sautner. "Just keep doing what you're doing. You appear to be doing it well."

The next court appearance, another probation update, was scheduled for Feb. 22. Lohan will have to complete 15 days of community service before that date.

The probation update was the second since November when Judge Sautner imposed the requirements. The 10 a.m. appearance lasted about two minutes -- time enough for the judge to compliment Lohan on her progress and schedule the next update.

The community service has been the starlet's "primary focus," according to her spokesman.

Lohan has been working at the Los Angeles County morgue -- 12 service days per month -- and attending psychotherapy sessions in connection with separate drunken driving and theft cases. At her first probation update in December, which lasted five minutes, the judge also told Lohan she was doing well.

Lohan must appear for the monthly updates until March.

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