Lil Wayne Attends NBA Game After Prison Release

There’s nothing like watching a basketball game after serving time in prison.

That’s what Lil Wayne did Friday evening when he attended the New Orleans Hornets-Miami Heat game in New Orleans, The Associated Press reported. The rapper, who is also known as Dwayne Carter, Jr., saw the Hornets defeat the Heat 96-93, one day after he was freed from serving time in a New York City prison for .

According to the Times-Picayune, Wayne flew from New York after his release to Yuma, Ariz. earlier on Friday regarding his probation stemming from a drug charge in Arizona. He then later flew to New Orleans to catch the basketball game.

Wayne served eight months in New York prison for attempted weapons possession. When asked by the Times-Picayune how it felt to be back, Wayne, whose reps bought courtside seats for the game, said: “Like I never left.”

Wayne’s manager, Cortez Bryant, said that the rapper wanted to spend his second night of freedom in New Orleans, where he is originally from. “It’s home for us,” said Bryant.” “We’ve got family here, good food here. He wanted to come back home.”

The Times-Picayune also reported that a welcome home party awaits Bryant when he returns to his current residence in Miami.

The artist’s latest record, “I Am Not a Human Being,” was released last month and hit Number One on the Billboard 200 album charts.

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