Lifetime Wants Lindsay Lohan to Play Liz Taylor, Clearly Aren't Serious About Making the Film

The Lifetime Network is serious about making a biopic about screen icon Elizabeth Taylor. And they want to cast Lindsay Lohan in the lead role.

OK, so maybe they're not so serious.

Learning nothing from the "Gotti" film debacle or the prematurely-hyped "Inferno," Lifetime told Hollywood Reporter that the project is moving ahead with producer Larry Thompson steering the ship and that LiLo is their #1 choice to play the late Taylor.

At this rate, Lohan is racking up "comeback" films the way Guillermo Del Toro is racking up "in development" projects, and neither have much of anything to show for their alleged efforts.

But we'll see. Playing a beloved grande dame of cinema is certainly a smarter move than playing a horribly abused porn star or a mobster's daughter, and we all know that Lohan loves her some classic icons. She's one themed-photoshoot away from officially having more pictures of her as Marilyn Monroe than there are pictures of the real Marilyn Monroe.

Well, sooner or later one of these has to get made, right? Right? 

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