New Hampshire

Viral photos show SUV on its side in New Hampshire Dunkin' drive-thru

Firefighters said the vehicle apparently drove up onto a concrete-filled metal pipe and tipped over

Londonderry Police Department

"Life happens, but coffee helps."

That's the simple message that Londonderry, New Hampshire, police shared on their Facebook page on Wednesday after an SUV tipped over on its side in a Dunkin' drive-thru lane.

No one was injured in the Wednesday morning crash at the All Town gas station, the department said.

The Londonderry Fire Department told The Eagle-Tribune that the incident occurred around 7:30 a.m. The driver was checked out at the scene but did not require medical attention.

Commenters (over 200 in all) had a field day with the photos, cracking jokes at the driver's expense.

"The drive thru is not big enough," Carlos Gomez remarked.

"They must have taken it too hard on the corner!" said Nikki Jarek.

Others wondered how the bizarre accident could have even happened in such tight quarters.

"How the heck?" said Jackie Keating.

"yikes, how on earth did they manage that?" added Johanne Petterson Tournas.

"SOmeone had to have seen this happen that can fill us in... I can't tink of any way this happened," said Joelene Arnold.

Commenter Tamara Jo said she thinks she spotted the culprit, a yellow post sticking out of the ground that it appears the vehicle might have run into, forcing the car onto its side.

It appears she was correct, as firefighters told The Eagle-Tribune that the SUV apparently drove up onto a concrete-filled metal pipe and tipped over.

For everyone else who needed their caffeine fix on Wednesday, service at the Dunkin' drive-thru was only temporarily disrupted while the vehicle was removed.

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