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Las Vegas teen dies after being attacked by 15 people while defending friend, father says

The victim was involved in a fight on Nov. 1, according to Las Vegas police. Their investigation continues.

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A Las Vegas teenager died after he was attacked this month by about 15 people while he was defending a friend, his father said.

A minor was in a fight on Nov. 1 with more than a dozen people near Rancho High School, Las Vegas police said in a statement. At least some of the fight was recorded and shared on social media.

Jonathan Lewis Jr.'s death was confirmed on a memorial website written by his father.

“After holding my son’s hand in the hospital while on life support for 2 days and nights and watching his life leave his body and being shocked by the immensity and horror of my beloved boy just being beaten to death I felt a mission to act that moved me to my core,” his father, Jonathan Lewis Sr., wrote.

The website continued: “Jonathan was a hero who tried to help a smaller child who was being bullied and 15 people attacked him in cowardly violence and our beloved son was beaten to death!"

The teen was an aspiring artist who was kind and generous and "had his whole life ahead of him," according to the website.

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