“Knight and Day” Cruises to Earlier Release Date

For those of you who can't wait to get another look at Tom Cruise, good news. His romantic-comedy-action flick with Cameron Diaz, "Knight and Day" will open two days earlier than planned.

Fox will release the movie on June 23, a midweek boost in an effort to move it apart from the herd of other big movies being released in that time period.

Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups" will be released on June 25 and is bound to attract herds of folks who haven't learned that every Adam Sandler movie is really terrible. (And if I may go on a tangent here. This one looks even more dire than all the rest, which is saying something. They cannot even find something mildly amusing to show in the lame trailer).

The movie schedule gets more crowded the next week with "Eclipse" opening on June 30 and "The Last Airbender" two days later. The extra two days is a chance to let Cruise shine alone in the crowd.

"Knight and Day" director James Mangold tells PopcornBiz that part of the reason for the release jump is Fox's attempt to capitalize on strong anticipation for the movie (the trailer does rock).

"We have been given such great word-of-mouth," Mangold says. "In many ways its an advantage to have two more nights of people talking about the movie heading into the weekend."

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