Kidnapped Mexican Soccer Player Recounts Ordeal

Pulido was kidnapped Saturday after leaving a party with his girlfriend

Mexican soccer star Alan Pulido got away from his kidnappers by what police described as quick actions that led to his safe return home.

Pulido simply said "I'm Fine, thank God," during his initial news conference after the ordeal, NBC News reported.

The Mexican soccer star, who plays for the Greek team Olimpiakos, was kidnapped Saturday night after leaving a party with his girlfriend in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

Pulido's kidnappers let his girlfriend go, and she alerted his family that the  soccer player had been taken. The family later received a phone call from the abductors asking for money and the authorities began an intense manhunt in the area.

Pulido saw an opportunity to get away when the next day he was left alone with one kidnapper. Pulido overtook him in a fight and grabbed his cellphone and alerted the police.

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