WATCH: Johnny Depp Bottle-Feeds Preemie Baby Bat Named ‘Jackie Sparrow'

What do you get when you introduce Johnny Depp to a premature baby bat? Well, possibly the cutest thing you've seen all day.

The Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Center shared an adorable video this week of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor snuggling up to a tiny bat while in full Jack Sparrow costume.

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Depp is seen bottle-feeding the teensy bat and asking the caretakers all the details surrounding the animal's adventure into the world.

And it turns out that the actor didn't just stop by for kicks, he actually ended up sponsoring the little fellow--who is appropriately named Jackie Sparrow!

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"Johnny Depp caught up with us again last week for an update on little Jackie Sparrow (the orphaned bat he is sponsoring)," the wildlife center explained on their Facebook page.

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"Here is a video of Dad bottle-feeding his little orphaned baby. It's so fantastic to see him showing a genuine interest, and helping us raise awareness for bats!"

The clinic also added that this particular visit "was at the end of a very busy day or shooting" for Depp, who came in full Sparrow gear straight from the set.

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