WATCH: “Jetman” Yves Rossy Flies Around Mt. Fuji at 190 MPH

André Bernet

Swiss aviator Yves Rossy can now add Japan's Mount Fuji to the list of famous terrains he has flown over with his jet-engine powered wings.

The "Jetman" circled the snow-capped mountain nine times over the course of a week, with each flight lasting about 10 minutes. He flew at speeds near 190 mph at a height that reached12,000 feet.

"I am the lucky guy who gets to do this, but I hope I can motivate the next generation of forward thinkers to do something different, to strive and achieve their goals, even if it seems impossible,” Rossy said in a press release.

In the YouTube video below, Rossy is seen nosediving out of a helicopter and propelling through the air with a four-engined, carbon-Kevlar jetwing strapped to his back.

Rossy is on sabbatical from Swiss International Airlines where he works as a captain. His previous stunts include a trip across the English Channel, a flight over the Grand Canyon and the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

“Flying here for me is a dream. It is such a contrast flying free with just a wing on my back, compared to being enclosed in a cockpit as an airline pilot," Rossy said.

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