Jersey Shore Fashion Tips

For those of you who can't get enough guilty pleasure.

So you're sad that MTV's Jersey Shore is over, and you want to keep it going in your own life. While many may find that decision a little questionable, if you're pumping your fist in the air right now at the thought of it, then you might benefit from a few of these fashion tips:


UNDERGARMENTS: The baseline for any self-respecting Jersey Shore female is ample cleavage. If you weren't naturally blessed in that area, however, technology has you covered (so to speak). The Miracle Bra by Victoria's Secret is still one of the most popular push-up bras out there, and they look pretty enough to be exposed in true Sammi "Sweetheart" style. If you're still wanting more oomph, invest in a pair of Cleavage Cupcakes to transform any bra into the ultimate lift.

TOPS: Now that your goods are where they should be, it's time to accentuate them with clothing. When you're searching for tops to go out, the more cleavage, the merrier. The Zoe Halter Top at Frederick's of Hollywood is a perfect example of the look you are going for if you loved Jenni "JWOWW." Otherwise, something tight, flashy and plunging like this Sequin Tank from Express will do nicely.

DRESSES: When it comes to dresses, think form-fitting and garishly patterned. A perfect example is the Drape Front Sublimation Dress at Frederick's of Hollywood, because it combines tie-dye with animal print, and bares that all-important cleavage. Meanwhile, more conservative ladies will appreciate the extra coverage of this Lace Micro Mini.

BEAUTY: Your look won't be complete without the super-bronzed look and smokey eye. For the deepest faux tan possible, one of the best products on the market is Guerlain's 'Terracotta' Sunless Self-Tanning Balm. This spray-on tanner not only gives you an enviable glow any time of year, but it also contains moisturizers that are actually good for your skin.

For the perfect smokey eye, check out Cargo's SmokyEye Kit. Not only does it include the eyeliner, blending brush and mascara that you need, but it also includes an instruction booklet for achieving the perfect look. And it's on sale!


CLOTHING :When it comes to getting dressed, males have it easier on the Jersey Shore. T-shirts with graphic prints are the basic uniform, with Ed Hardy being the most popular choice. Men who aren't into color may find Affliction clothing a little more pleasing to the eye, while guys who would go for neon a la "DJ Pauly D" will find this year's Express line to be right up their alley.

ACCESSORIES: The true Guido will pay attention to all the details, including bling and beauty. Every male must have a pair of Stunna Shades with him day and night, and these Metal Shield Sunglasses fit that bill nicely. They don't have to match the bling, though, which typically consists of a cross on a chain.

Also required is a gel strong enough to hold faux-hawks and pompadours in place no matter what. The Matrix Men Firm Fix Extra Strong Hold Styling Gel is good for defined hair styles that want high shine and extra strong hold factor.

Have fun Guidos and Guidettes!

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